Complex production of industrial tools

From tool design

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we place great emphasis on quality and precise designs at the very beginning of each project.

One of the main steps leading to successful completion of a project is the structural solution. Our company uses state-of-the-art equipment to help produce most designs.

The quality of the design solutions directly contributes to the economy of the entire project, which is the key to the satisfaction of all involved in the project.

Through production and testing

We produce molds from prototypes for repeated production according to the design documentation in a fully equipped tool shop.

During the manufacturing process, we use top-quality 3D measuring equipment. We then test the tools and then pass them on for the serial production of parts.

Within the service we provide maintenance and repair of molds, mold testing, laser surfacing and labeling.

Up to pressing

In our press shop, we produce moldings from thermoplastic materials in modern injection molding machines with a size of 60-220 tons of closing force.

The injection molding machines are equipped with control systems and the necessary peripherals for reliable and stable process control. The handling of parts is ensured by robots, while small assembly is carried out by trained personnel.

The entire production process goes through certified quality control.

We have a quarter of a century of experience in the manufacture of molds, cutting tools, gauges, measuring, clamping, manufacturing and other special tools and jigs. We provide comprehensive services ranging from tool design, fabrication and testing, to part production. We provide optimization, cleaning and repair or recovery of dysfunctional tools. In our plastic molding shop, we produce parts mainly for the automotive, electronics, electrical and cosmetic industries.
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